Concierge Services:

At Ardent Security we specialize in protecting Condominium Properties.  This allows us to provide guards with specific training to handle the unique issues facing condominiums.  Although it is common practice in the industry to provide security guards with experience as bouncers, mall security and various other fields, condominiums provide a host of situations that require not only specialized training but a customer service oriented attitude and mindset.

This philosophy is generally not a component of the experience security guards receive in other fields and in fact is often discouraged in many.  While an armed guard transporting money or cash for a large company may be experienced, they may not have the suitable personality for dealing face to face with residents, contractors or property management on a daily basis.  Ardent Security recruits, hires and trains guards with suitable demeanours and attitudes for that purpose.

While working as concierge staff, security guards are filling dual roles.  This provides another industry-unique circumstance.  Concierge are expected to be polite, respectful and enthusiastic however they must also fill the role of security and are expected to strictly and sternly enforce the rules set out for the property by the corporation’s regulations and various bylaws.

The security aspect requires the guards to be able to efficiently patrol the property to find and indentify potential security risks (leaking pipes, non-functioning fresh air units, etc), to assess the status of the building’s equipment (fire panel, generators, etc) and to be a visible deterrent against things such as vandalism or theft.  It also requires that guards be able to effectively use the security systems available to them at each location.  These two aspects of the job are priorities and require on-site training to ensure that guards are capable of looking after the entire building before working on their own.