Security Personnel Profile:

Ardent Security personnel are expected to act, and uphold themselves in a professional manner at all times while on the client’s property, including the time spent being briefed and debriefed, before and after shifts.  This includes maintaining a professionally clean appearance in uniform and hygiene.

The dual roles of security guard and concierge require proper protocol and procedure to be in place and for the personnel to be trained and understand those protocols.  This includes knowing who and when to call for assistance, such as whether the issue should be addressed to the cleaning and superintendent staff or emergency contractors or directly to the property manager or emergency services.

By establishing protocols for efficient static and foot patrols throughout the building as well as time spent at the security desk/station, security guards are trained to quickly identify and address incidents with people as well as potential hazards with equipment.

Some of the responsibilities of security guards/concierge staff include:

  • Monitoring and maintaining access control throughout the property at all times;
    • Quickly identifying and addressing any unknown people/vehicles on the property and ensuring that those people/vehicles either comply with proper access procedures or that they leave the property immediately.
    • To assist contractors and visitors in contacting the appropriate resident/management by providing approved buzzer/access codes.
  • To search for deficiencies such as burnt out lighting, leaking pipes, malfunctioning equipment, oil leaks from vehicles and various other potential hazards or property damage.
  • Our guards are also provided with many forms, logs and documentation, from the company management, to be used in their day to day operations.  This not only ensures that work is streamlined from shift to shift, but also that any and all incident information is quickly and accurately passed on to the client/property manager.

The key priority for all Ardent Security personnel is to ensure that the safety, property and information of the client’s residents, management and Board of Directors are protected at all times.


Are you interested in a Career with Ardent Security?

The security industry is ever growing and evolving and here at Ardent Security we look for dedicated professionals of all experience levels to help service our clients at various locations.  

Whether you are brand new to security or a seasoned veteran; and whether you are looking for a permanent full time position or part time seasonal employment (or anything in between!), we are always looking for quality guards to fill a variety of roles.

For more information on how you can join our team and what locations are currently hiring, please feel free to apply now.